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Internet Service in the Pearl Islands/Archipiélago de las Perlas

PaNETma's has the capability to provide symmetric high speed Internet service to every Pearl island. This includes as far North East as Isla Pacheca and as far South West as Isla San Jose.
Service in other popular islands, such as Saboga and Contadora, is also available. If you are new here, please see our homepage for an overview of PaNETma.

Lead time for site surveys and new installations, in the Peal Islands, is approximately two weeks.
If you have any questions or would like to get connected, send an email to sales \at/ Remember to include your exact location.

*Given the transportation and terrain challenges in the area, the installation cost is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Residential and Small Business Costs in/near Pearl Islands

Connection Speed (from/to Internet) Monthly Installation
1 Mbps (1000 kbps) $80 TBD*
2 Mbps (2000 kbps) $120 TBD*
3 Mbps $160 TBD*
4 Mbps $200 TBD*
5 Mbps $240 TBD*
6 Mbps $280 TBD*
7 Mbps $320 TBD*
8 Mbps $380 TBD*
9 Mbps $440 TBD*
10 Mbps $500 TBD*
11 to 150 Mbps Custom Quotation Custom

We prefer email but can also be reached by phone at 507-202-6888.

Existing customer? Visit the PaNETma Client Portal. Or maybe you want to contact sales?