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Internet Service in/near Coronado and Central Pacific Beaches

PaNETma's symmetric broadband Internet service, famous for its speed, reliability and customer service, is available in Coronado and nearby communities. Coverage is available in the vicinity of Playa Bonita, Punta Barco, Gorgona, Coronado, Santa Clara, Farallón, San Carlos, Rio Hato, Playa Blanca, Wyndham Grand, Decameron, Rio Mar, Anton, Copecito and Penonome. If you are new here, please see our homepage for an overview of PaNETma.

Lead time for site surveys and new installations, in the Central Pacific Beaches area, is five (5) to seven (7) days.
If you have any questions or would like to get connected, send an email to sales \at/ Remember to include your exact location.

Residential and SoHo Pricing in/near Coronado

Connection Speed (from/to Internet) Monthly Installation
High Signal* Low Signal*
1 Mbps (1000 kbps) $60 $80 $80
2 Mbps (2000 kbps) $80 $120 $80
3 Mbps $100 $160 $80
4 Mbps $120 $200 $80
5 Mbps $140 $240 $110
6 Mbps $160 $280 $110
7 Mbps $180 $320 $110
8 Mbps $210 $380 $280
9 Mbps $230 $440 $280
10 Mbps $270 $500 $280
11 to 150 Mbps Custom Quotation Custom Quotation Custom

*High/low signal signifies the wireless radio signal level at the customer location. High elevation locations (such as top floors of large buildings and mountain top houses) usually have “high signal.” Small houses in valleys or surrounded by many trees usually have “low signal.”

For our wholesale (other telecommunication operators) customers, PaNETma offers low latency layer 2 transport, suitable for data and voice, in the form of VLAN and VPN and dedicated private links, to/from other PaNETma POPs.
Please email us for details, regarding any of our services, to sales \at/
We prefer email but can also be reached by phone at 507-202-6888.

Existing customer? Visit the PaNETma Client Portal. Or maybe you want to contact sales?